Spinal Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises

Guide to Daily Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises AKA “Spinal Mobility Break”

This video contains only the ROM portion of our recommended daily exercises. Don’t forget the others.

Please watch this video now.

In addition to prescribed chiropractic adjustments, Spinal Range of Motion is something we do 7 days a week. Just like brushing your teeth.

*A “Spinal Mobility Break” is when you do these exercises 1 time through after sitting for 60 minutes. Performing the “Spinal Mobility Break” reverse the negative effects of sitting for the previous 60 minutes.

Suggestions and Ideas:

  • Do Spinal ROM 7 days per week (as part of your Spinal Hygiene Packet)
  • Do not force any position or over stretch
  • Breathe easy with your movements
  • Don’t stretch dehydrated; Drink 5 cups of water per day minimum
  • Consistency is key

Spinal Hygiene is NOT a substitute for getting your spine adjusted by a Chiropractor. Just as brushing your teeth does not substitute for regular dental check ups and cavity correction. It is essential that we do both!